Connor Lawrence

Lil Pump has gained more Instagram Followers than Drake and Taylor Swift in the past three months

South Florida rapper Lil Pump has had one crazy year which saw him go from a SoundCloud rapper to a Billboard-charting artist (his track "Gucci Gang" currently sits at #52 on the Hot 100).

A big part of Pump's rise has been his wild Instagram growth which has seen him go from 70k followers in mid-January to 1m followers in mid-June, just five months later (he celebrated hitting 1m with a Xanax cake). Pump now sits at 3.2m Instagram Followers and in the past three months has gained 1.8m followers, a 135% gain.

That last number is interesting as in that same three month time period, Taylor Swift gained 1m followers while Drake gained 600k followers. This means that in the last three months, Pump has gained more Instagram Followers than two of the most popular musicians on the planet.

That being said, large figures like Drake and Taylor Swift may have maximized their audiences and so it could be more difficult for them to add new followers (Swift ranks as one of the most followed people on Instagram). On the other hand, Pump is newer to the scene and therefore people are discovering him.

Regardless, this is an amazing feat for Pump that really speaks to his ability to create consistently interesting and entertaining content. Check the graph below for more info on Pump's insane Instagram growth.

Images: Instagram, Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images and Kanye To The.

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